Dec 18, 2010

The 411 on South Bay City Spa


Apparently, there is a spa frequented by many PLUs and this is South Bay City Spa (Friendster, Facebook). This spa is located in ParaƱaque along MIA Road near Roxas Boulevard. I was first made aware of the potential of this place when I read a comment in Migs’ blog a few years back (which I can’t find now) saying how the commenter had a really great time with another client one Sunday afternoon in the sauna. I made a mental note then to check the place out. Then earlier this year, CC and Lex both blogged about South Bay and those posts pushed me to try the place out.

In my visits to the place, I confirmed what I’ve read and I found out that the appeal of South Bay among PLUs comes in two parts. First is the possibly naughty nature of the massage. And second is how the wet area, which contains the shower cubicles, the steam room, and the sauna, is a really major cruising ground.

Before trying out South Bay, I had only visited a spa or a massage parlor three times. Two of them were at Wensha Pasay, and the other was at Hilom, which I blogged before. I’ve been to South Bay several times now and I must say that my experiences there were much more gratifying than at Wensha or Hilom. :-)

Anyway, the standard massage costs 600 pesos (quite pricey) and is done in the common room pictured above, though with very little lighting (just enough for people to find their way around). You can avail of an executive room but this costs a further 250 pesos. Additionally, you can avail of a 1-year membership for 1,200 pesos and this gives you a discounted massage rate of 360 pesos. They also have this discount card where you can get increasingly bigger discounts with every visit (and the sixth one being free) but I don’t know when or how they give it.

The naughty massages

First off, I have to say that South Bay City Spa is a legitimate co-ed spa. If you want to relax and de-stress and get an honest-to-goodness massage, then South Bay is a good enough place to go. You can go and leave without anything sexual occurring. That said, the male therapists are quite aware that gay men patronize the place and so they discreetly try to satisfy their clients (to the extent possible given the circumstances) in the hopes of getting higher than usual tips.

Before we go any further, I just have to say that on my first visit to South Bay, I personally was surprised to find out that the massage was done while you are naked. In the common massage room. With only white sheets of cloth for cover. My only previous legit spa experience was at Wensha and the massage there was done while you are wearing a supplied pair of shorts for modesty. So getting butt naked in the presence of other clients was a little disconcerting, though thrilling at the same time. Hehehe.

Going back to the naughty masseurs, I’ve experienced them teasingly touch the groin area. While the therapist is massaging your thighs and legs, he sometimes reaches up to your butt crack or touches the perineum area. In a few instances, I was also given the infamous nipple massage, which Lex wrote about in his blog post (but it seems he has edited that out). There is really no therapeutic benefit to massaging the nipples and so this is a clear sign that the masseur is teasing you. And in my last visit, the masseur even briefly caressed my hard dick while massaging my chest and abdomen.

All of my massages thus far have been at the common room. So understandably, I did not get any “extra service” and I wasn’t sure if such things indeed do happen. I tried to get an executive room to find out but I was told that they didn’t have any available at that time. I guess these rooms are quite popular and you need to call them up to get a reservation. And if they’re that popular, then maybe even naughtier things happen? By the way, you can specifically request for a particular masseur if you want.

The cruisy wet area

If extra services or a sexual tease while having a massage is not your thing, then the cruising opportunities at the wet area of South Bay might interest you instead. If you’ve ever done the “dance” in the wet areas of gyms like Fitness First, then the one in South Bay should feel quite familiar. The wet area of South Bay is separated from the locker room via a glass door and it has a sauna, a steam room, a few shower cubicles, a urinal, and two toilets. There is also a jacuzzi there but it’s no longer operational.

I’ve noticed that the sauna there is the most popular place to have encounters and that’s because its location gives ample warning time. The door only has a small window so somebody can stand by it and act as the lookout. Well, the sauna is small enough that the lookout can still get some action! Hehehe.

As for the steam room and the shower cubicles, these two don’t provide as much opportunity as the sauna. The steam room, in particular, is visible from the locker area since its door is just a whole glass pane. Thus, it is not an ideal place to have sexual encounters. However, if the steam becomes thick enough, then some action can be had such as the time when I let this cute guy grope me down there.

Anyway, the most extreme sexual encounter I had at South Bay was when I found myself in a five-man orgy in the sauna. While I was kissing this muscular chinito who’s in his 40s, we were both getting blowjobs from two other guys. The fifth guy acted as the lookout and was jacking off while touching whomever he can. That was such a hot encounter that I’m getting a hard-on while writing about it. :-P