Aug 31, 2008

Discreetionary: O party


O party

O party [OH PAHR·tee] noun 1. euphemism for an organized sexual orgy. etymology: O from “orgy” and party, a “a social gathering”.

It’s been quite fashionable to use “O party” as an innocuous-sounding term instead of the more vulgar “orgy” when referring to multi-person organized sex events. Because of the Internet and of websites like Guys4Men, it’s has also been easier to organize such O parties, often held inside private hotel/motel rooms or condominium units. In Guys4Men, you can occasionally encounter invitations to such events posted at the site’s calendar complete with the warning: “please read our health & safety info if you are thinking of attending this event.”

I’ve personally never been to an O party, but I certainly would like to try going to one given a good opportunity. Then again, going to bath houses is almost, but not quite, the same thing, so it’s quite probable that I’m not missing anything.

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Aug 26, 2008

Yossi & Jagger theme song: “Your Soul”


While a significant portion of the local gay blogosphere is gushing over two gay-themed Thai films released in 2007 (The Love of Siam and Bangkok Love Story), let's go back a few years earlier and to the other side of Asia for a different gay-themed film set in the military atmosphere of Israel. Yossi & Jagger is the story of two soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces (Israel's armed forces; it should be noted that military service is compulsory for all Israeli Jewish men and women). One of them is Yossi, a reserved guy who takes his duty seriously, while the other is Lior (nicknamed Jagger after Mick Jagger by his peers because of his rock-star-like charisma), who is quite romantic, playful, fun-loving, and is Yossi's subordinate. On the outside, they seem like really close buddies but in reality, they are lovers hiding their relationship while manning a border outpost near Lebanon. Unfortunately, this film embodies the usual tragic gay movie cliche.

Anyway, instead of showing you a trailer, I'll just let you listen to the English version of the movie's theme song "Your Soul," which is sung by Ivri Lider. Lider is a popular Israeli singer and is gay himself. The original Hebrew version is titled "Bo" (which means "let's" or "come") and is a cover of a song by Rita, a female Israeli artist. Listen to the song because it's absolutely beautiful. While the previously blogged "Nag-iisa, Wala Ka Na" is beautiful in a sad way, "Your Soul" is beautiful in a joyous manner. Enjoy!

Aug 23, 2008

The restaurant restroom exchange


I've read a few stories (fictional or otherwise) of guys discreetly meeting each other after eyeing each other across a restaurant by both going to the establishment's restroom. Well, I finally got to experience the same thing recently while I was with a bunch of straight friends who don't know my "other side" in a posh restaurant in Makati. Sitting at a nearby table was this great-looking guy with a great smile and a nice stubbled jaw drinking beer with some of his friends. We both caught each others eyes and eventually exchanged some long meaningful stares.

I guess it's just instinct for discreet guys to gravitate to the restroom when searching for opportunities. And in a restaurant, the pretext of freshening up or answering to the call of nature provides a perfect cover as to why you'd have to temporarily leave the table. In my recent encounter, I simply mumbled an excuse, got up and went to the comfort room (as we Pinoys like to call the restroom) and proceeded to relieve my bladder. I lingered there for a while and as expected, the guy I did the eye equivalent of a footsie with entered the restroom as well. He pretended to take a leak and afterwards stood beside me at the sink counter. We smiled at each other and he introduced himself and I likewise. No, nothing happened (though I would've loved to ravage his lips with kisses). The problem is, that restroom was really not a place to do anything naughty so we just exchanged cellphone numbers and parted ways. Yeah, I know it's a bit anti-climactic.

If there's any lesson to be learned from this, it's that discreet PLU guys can be quite resourceful people. The need to be circumspect in meeting other guys provide us with some unique social skills that straight people would never think of.

Anyway, I'd love to hear if you have any similar stories as well. I'm sure some of you have more steamier encounters to share. Hehehe. :-)

Aug 12, 2008

On influential blogs


The eyeball party of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008 Writing Project happened last night. There the winners were announced and two three gay bloggers are part of the top ten: AJ of Bloggers Da Who, Brian Gorrell of The Not SO Talented Delfin 'DJ' Justiniano Ocampo Montano II, and Blogie Robillo of Davao Delicious. Congratulations!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank AJ and Richard the Adventurer for nominating Discreet Manila in their pick as one of the most influential blogs. It's a great honor to be mentioned and I really appreciate it, guys. :-)

Looking back at the writing project, it's actually a very tall order that a blog like mine will win in a contest as mainstream as the Influential Blogs project. Discreet Manila serves a very narrow niche and it's unlikely that majority of the people would even bother reading it. Furthermore, even on the off chance that Discreet Manila did win, I wouldn't come to the party to claim my plaque; I'm not ready to out myself to the whole world. There's a particular comfort in hiding in the closet—at least for now. Hehehe.

Aug 10, 2008

Akihiro Sato in the Nescafé Rain Jewel TVC


I'm so loving the guy in this Nescafé commercial.

Some simple web sleuthing reveals that the guy is Akihiro "Aki" Macieira Sato, a Japanese-Brazilian model who also had a modeling stint in Thailand. There's also plenty of drool-worthy pictures of him on the web. And I discover that he's been the subject of countless blog posts and news items recently. And why not? He's hot as hell and he's very sexy in the Nescafé commercial above. :-)

Some more links for your reading (and viewing) pleasure:

Aug 7, 2008

Having fun in gym locker rooms


I mentioned before that one of the cruisiest discreet places for PLUs are branches of gym franchises like Fitness First and Gold's Gym. Well, the particular amenity that these two uber-popular gym chains brought to the Philippines that make them very attractive places for the urban gay guy is the extensive locker room, particularly the steam room and the sauna. Before FF and GG, the only extensive gym franchise is Slimmer's World and their locker rooms usually only contains lockers, shower stalls, urinals and toilet cubicles. Furthermore, there were only a few gyms that have freely available steam rooms and saunas.

While a simple locker room already provides ample opportunities for anonymous interaction, the steam room and the sauna can actually be places for casual sex, especially for those who like the thrill that the possibility of getting caught provides. But even if sex in public places isn't your thing, these hot rooms (literally and figuratively)—many with dim lighting—let you discreetly ogle at some of the finer specimens of male masculinity. It's also best to remember that the look would prove to be a valuable skill here.

One of the hottest casual encounters I had was in the steam room of a Gold's Gym branch and this was the second time I had such a hanky-panky experience in the gym. I don't normally relish doing naughty things in a public place, preferring instead to do it in the comfort of a more private place, but there was this kinda good-looking semikal guy in the steam room at that time and we were the only two people there. I can tell he likes me by the look on his face and I sort of teased him by giving him an unhindered view of the lower part of my body since I was seated at a higher bench and he was lounging on a lower perpendicular ledge.

One thing led to another and I found my manhood being slowly massaged by his capable hands. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and went down on me. The combination of the hot steam, his very playful tongue, and the fear that somebody might come in and discover us gave me such a head rush of sensations that I soon came inside his mouth. This is quite out of the ordinary for me since it usually take a long time before I can come. After I finally composed myself from the climax, he then asked me whether I liked what happened and I definitely answered in the affirmative. :-) I did not reciprocate his actions and we soon parted ways.

A word of caution: getting caught having sex is a definite no-no in practically every gym. If you're a gym-goer and had bothered to read the fine print on your membership contract, then you would've read a clause stating that soliciting or making sexual advances is a grounds for expulsion. Getting expelled is just the least of it because you are likely to be humiliated if you're caught. As always, consider everything before engaging in risky behavior. I would advice that it's better to just exchange numbers with the object of your attraction and instead meet up outside the gym.

You should of course recognize hunky Marc Nelson in the photo above.
He's one of my ultimate celebrity crushes. :-)

Aug 3, 2008

It’s a good thing Hugot is a digital movie


Because it would've been a monumental waste of perfectly good film otherwise. Hugot, the film I mentioned before, has got to be the crappiest movie I've seen this year (and maybe even for the past three years). Just like McVie, I did not get it at all. I'd really like to know who got it; the Bakla Reviewer has seemingly figured it out, but he himself is not sure.

I've read of movie reviews from Americans saying that they walked out of the theater after seeing the first few scenes of some movie and I thought that such practice of walking out was a waste. Well, for the first time, I felt like walking out myself after being assaulted on the senses by the utterly weird initial "dream scenes" in Hugot involving two brief-clad guys probably thinking, "What the fuck am I doing in this film?" and the directors and editors behind the scenes saying, "I can haz Adobe Premiere [or Apple iMovie] effectz!"

If you missed the theatrical screening of Hugot in Robinsons, be thankful you missed it. That's 140 pesos saved. Then again, the only reason to watch this crap is as an example to film students on how not to make an indie movie. Of course, if you're a fan of crappy campy movies, then let this Hugot movie review be your viewing guide.