Aug 7, 2008

Having fun in gym locker rooms

I mentioned before that one of the cruisiest discreet places for PLUs are branches of gym franchises like Fitness First and Gold's Gym. Well, the particular amenity that these two uber-popular gym chains brought to the Philippines that make them very attractive places for the urban gay guy is the extensive locker room, particularly the steam room and the sauna. Before FF and GG, the only extensive gym franchise is Slimmer's World and their locker rooms usually only contains lockers, shower stalls, urinals and toilet cubicles. Furthermore, there were only a few gyms that have freely available steam rooms and saunas.

While a simple locker room already provides ample opportunities for anonymous interaction, the steam room and the sauna can actually be places for casual sex, especially for those who like the thrill that the possibility of getting caught provides. But even if sex in public places isn't your thing, these hot rooms (literally and figuratively)—many with dim lighting—let you discreetly ogle at some of the finer specimens of male masculinity. It's also best to remember that the look would prove to be a valuable skill here.

One of the hottest casual encounters I had was in the steam room of a Gold's Gym branch and this was the second time I had such a hanky-panky experience in the gym. I don't normally relish doing naughty things in a public place, preferring instead to do it in the comfort of a more private place, but there was this kinda good-looking semikal guy in the steam room at that time and we were the only two people there. I can tell he likes me by the look on his face and I sort of teased him by giving him an unhindered view of the lower part of my body since I was seated at a higher bench and he was lounging on a lower perpendicular ledge.

One thing led to another and I found my manhood being slowly massaged by his capable hands. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and went down on me. The combination of the hot steam, his very playful tongue, and the fear that somebody might come in and discover us gave me such a head rush of sensations that I soon came inside his mouth. This is quite out of the ordinary for me since it usually take a long time before I can come. After I finally composed myself from the climax, he then asked me whether I liked what happened and I definitely answered in the affirmative. :-) I did not reciprocate his actions and we soon parted ways.

A word of caution: getting caught having sex is a definite no-no in practically every gym. If you're a gym-goer and had bothered to read the fine print on your membership contract, then you would've read a clause stating that soliciting or making sexual advances is a grounds for expulsion. Getting expelled is just the least of it because you are likely to be humiliated if you're caught. As always, consider everything before engaging in risky behavior. I would advice that it's better to just exchange numbers with the object of your attraction and instead meet up outside the gym.

You should of course recognize hunky Marc Nelson in the photo above.
He's one of my ultimate celebrity crushes. :-)


Anonymous wrote on June 13, 2013 at 11:06 PM:

I just had my first encounter this morning in golds gym. After showering this guy walks right past me and whispers "come on" i didnt mind it and when i looked back he had left his shower door slightly ajar and was just staring at me. i didnt know what to do. i went to my locker to sit down and dry off and the next thing i know it he is beside me checking if we are alone in the area, he strokes my back and i do nothing and he gets on his knees and sucks my dick for about 10 seconds, what happened next was a typical cat and mouse of me and him to the cubicle, locker room, shower, because i was so freaked out. he cornered me again near my locker and sucked my dick again where we got caught by another gay guy who i could've sworn wanted to join in, i was so freaked out by the entire thing i just changed clothes and left.

Kevin Moore wrote on October 23, 2015 at 12:26 PM:

If you want to hook-up with guys Golds Gym is the place, i will not disclose the location of the gym but all i can say is that within one year i have sucked plenty of dick from guys of all races.And i never got caught in the act im good and i mean damn good.

Gorgeous2dmaxx wrote on May 8, 2016 at 10:21 PM:

Maybe you are so cute and manly. Can i suck u too..