Apr 3, 2011

Getting someone’s number via hand signals?


The most straightforward way to get a guy’s number is to ask for it directly. But in places where you need to be discreet, other ways are needed, like the time I got this dude’s mobile number when he left his business card in my view for me to pick up a short time later.

For me, the weirdest way I got another person’s digits was when he gave it to me by doing hand signals.

I was in this karaoke bar in Malate with a friend a few years ago. Among the other patrons in the place that night, I noticed this big muscular man who looked like a bouncer. Fortunately, he noticed me as well and we exchanged long looks at each other. After a while, he then lowered his hands and began making hand signals. At first, I didn’t understand what he was doing until I realized that he was giving me his number. It was a bit funny because he had to repeat his signals several times before I locked his number down. I miscalled the number and was relieved to see his phone light up. Thus began our exchange of text messages.

(Nothing happened between us after that. I was disappointed to learn that he apparently wanted someone to service him sexually and that he wasn’t willing to reciprocate.)

Looking back at the whole thing, I wonder why we didn’t just follow each other to the restroom and exchanged numbers directly. :-P