Apr 29, 2013

The exodus of BED from Malate


The first time I came to BED was in 2003, during their first year. And I first blogged about BED here 5 years ago, when BED was turning 5. And now BED has reached the 10-year milestone, a rarity in the Malate scene. Throughout all those years, BED has experienced ups and down, from the unfortunate fire that hit it in 2010, to its expansion from a hole-in-the-wall bar to its massive superclub state.

BED celebrated its 10th year with a surprising announcement a few weeks ago: they would be leaving Malate for “greener pastures.” At first I thought that they would be moving to Greenhills, but then a comment on their Facebook page mentioned the Greenfield district near Ortigas Center and it made sense. And during their last party last Saturday, they have confirmed that Greenfield is their new home, though they haven‘t stated the exact location yet or even when they will reopen.

Because I have fond memories of BED, I could not not go to that club for their last night in Malate. I guess hundreds of other people felt the same way because the place was packed to the rafters! The air-conditioning was not enough to cool the place down due to the sheer number of people and the boys were hot, literally, sweating like they were partying in BED in 2004.

So why did BED management decide to leave Malate? BED is an institution in that gay district and the idea of BED leaving seems like a letdown for the gay Malate community. The most common reason I’ve heard is that BED could not compete with O Bar Malate and Che’lu, the two other popular gay clubs nearby.

But is moving a smart decision? I guess time will tell. There used to be a gay club along Makati Avenue called Government, but it closed down I think partly because relatively few people went there due to its isolation. Fahrenheit does have a (now newly renovated) clubbing area and I think they’re doing successfully despite being isolated but their success is because F is primarily a very popular bathhouse. Then there’s O Bar Ortigas, which is also doing well, even recently having Anne Curtis gamely joining a production number that was actually impersonating her! So the question if BED will be successful in Greenfield is an open question.

Whatever the answer may be, I wish BED good luck with the move! What we need are more gay-oriented establishments in Metro Manila and BED moving to Greenfield would be a welcome development.

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