Jul 15, 2011

The Love Yourself Project

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There’s a certain kind of contradiction the local MSM community faces when when dealing with HIV/AIDS. On one hand, we have seen the dramatic rise in the number of detected HIV infections over the last few years and how the MSM segment forms the bulk of the recent statistics. This trend is quite alarming and points to the need to shake the community from its complacency. HIV is real and we are not yet doing enough to curb the problem.

On the other hand, sounding the alarms is having an undesired effect on PLUs. Most guys would want to ignore the problem, think that it wouldn’t affect them, and in their ignorance, engage in unsafe practices. So other people try to do their damned best to spread information, encourage people to get tested, and to teach that getting infected with HIV is not a death sentence.

Therein lies the contradiction. HIV is a deadly threat that needs to be addressed, yet it is not a death sentence.

To explain this contradiction, one must realize that this is all due to the stigma attached to the disease that is borne out of fear and ignorance. Cancer kills far more Filipinos yearly than AIDS ever did, yet while we dread getting cancer, we don’t attach the same stigma to it that we do to HIV/AIDS. It it simply because AIDS is an as-yet incurable disease while there are already treatments for certain types of cancer? Is it because most people think that cancer is an old person’s ailment (but cancer can strike the young too)? Is it because HIV is contagious while cancer is not?

Whatever the answer, keep in mind that given early diagnosis and proper treatment, HIV patients could possibly live far longer post-diagnosis and lead more productive lives than many cancer patients do after diagnosis especially when the latter is faced with expensive treatments (not to say that HIV antiretroviral drugs aren’t expensive). Look at former NBA player Magic Johnson for inspiration: he’s still alive and kicking 20 years after he was diagnosed as infected with HIV in 1991.

HIV/AIDS stigma is borne out of fear and ignorance. We are already addressing the latter through information campaigns and the like (though more help is welcome). But so far, there hasn’t been a concerted effort to address the fear component. Especially for people who fear getting tested. So I’m quite happy to support The Love Yourself Project, a local effort to help curb the spread of HIV/AIDS through education and counseling.

I think that telling people that it will be OK and that there is support is the one thing that’s been missing in this fight against HIV/AIDS. And I’m glad that The Love Yourself Project is there to help.

Jul 6, 2011


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What do you get when you combine peaceful music, beautiful countryside imagery, and anti-gay speech? Well, you get a deeply moving piece where homophobia is reduced into the background, where it should be.

Video by Matthew Brown. Some clips from scenicboys. Music by Sigur Rós.

Jul 3, 2011

A week’s worth of text promos


I often receive text ads from a few gay establishments announcing various promos they have for the upcoming night(s). To give you an idea of the type of messages that I receive, shown below is one week’s worth of text messages from BED, Queeriosity Palace, Fahrenheit, and Playroom. As expected, I have never received such messages from Club Bath and I think I received a couple or so from Epitome way, way before but that establishment now prefers to do their announcements on PlanetRomeo.

Here’s some trivia. BED only uses 1 number to send messages with. Fahrenheit has used 6 different numbers so far and all start with 0918. Playroom uses at least 5 numbers, while Queeriosity Palace has used a whopping 8 different numbers, all Globe. And one observation I have is that some of these establishments is in serious need of a good copywriter.

June 26, Sunday

Queeriosity Palace, 12pm: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH PROMO at QUEERIOSITY on JUNE 27,(MON) 100 NO TIME ALL NIGHT! Show this message to avail this promo. You're gonna Love Q for Forever!

Fahrenheit, 9pm: Last Registration for d 9th Annual Search 4 MS.F UNIVERSE 2011 wil b 2nyt June 26 Sun. at fahrenheit 10pm shrp. Pls. Bring ur she-male photos. Winner wil rcv 30k

June 27, Monday

Fahrenheit, 9am: 2nyt June 27 "HOT & COLD" Mon. at fahrenheit cum early 2 avail 120php NTRANCE FEE & Make every1 Xperience HOT by freezing in COLD w/ ur Tender & Warm embrace


June 28, Tuesday

BED, 3pm: Bed Manila brings you the Official KYLIE FEVER Bar Tour Party! july 1, Friday. get a chance to WIN 2 prime ticket to Kylie's concert at the Araneta Coliseum!

June 29, Wednesday

Fahrenheit, 7am: 2nyt June 29 at fahrenheit its Stormbreking Show Presentati0n feat."D'PRINSESAS" & "D'DREAM BOYZ" w/MR.SHOOTER 7pm-7:05 120 7:06 Onwrdz 180+1 mon. FREE mEmbrshp

Queeriosity Palace, 3pm: BIRTHDAY BASH and KARAOKE NIGHT on JUNE 30 (THU) at QUEERIOSITY! Free Entrance to ALL BDAY CELE.Just show your ID w/ BDATE to avail.150 pesos b4 7pm.GORAH NA!

June 30, Thursday

Queeriosity Palace, 10am: BIRTHDAY BASH and KARAOKE NIGHT on JUNE 30 (THU) at QUEERIOSITY! Free Entrance to ALL BDAY CELE.Just show your ID w/ BDATE to avail.150 pesos b4 7pm.GORAH NA! [re-sent SMS -ed.]

Fahrenheit, 11am: 2nyt June 30 its "SHAKE IT" Thurs. At fahrenheit cum early to avail 120php NTRANCE FEE & avail 120php 2 ol mmbers starts at "J" in 1st name or "J" in last name.

Playroom, 12nn: Tonight! JUNE 30 (Thurs) Avail the Promo 6pm-9pm 120php! 9pm on-wards 200php! enjoy the night only here at PLAYROOM Tel: 4899339

BED, 12nn: BED Manila presents! The ULTIMATE White Party 2011! This Saturday July 02, Music by the 4-Play DJs! Toy Armada, Brian Cua, Ohm-R and Arrjae Puno. This is the BIGGEST white party ever! Get a chance to win the latest MyPhone handset! This event is brought to you by Dove Men Care, MyPhone, Bliss Pleasure Enchancing Lubricant, Socie-Tee and New You magazine!

July 1, Friday

Fahrenheit, 10am: Last Regstration 4 d 9th Annual Search 4 MS. F UNIVERSE'11 July 01 Fri. at fahrenheit 10pm shrp. Pls. Bring ur she-male photos. Winner wil rcv 30k +1yr fre ntrance. [’kala ko ba last na yung sa 26th? -ed.]

Playroom, 3pm: Tonight! July 1 (fri) BRING A FRIEND! and you pay 20php! 150php all-night! just show valid ID! tara! Gora na! only here at PLAYROOM TEL: 4899339!

July 2, Saturday

Fahrenheit, 9 am: 2nyt July 02 Saturday its "PARTY FEVER" at fahrenheit Njoy dncing 0n d dnzflr by ur Manilas Hottest DJ NICO free Ntrance 2 ol d mmbers & n0n-mmbers. Pls pass.

Jul 1, 2011

Pino PLU Signal: Shirtless Facebook Pics


Is it just me or are gay men more likely than straight guys to post shirtless profile photos on Facebook and other social networking sites? And these photos are those that aim to show a nice body (like in the gym) and are not just basic beach shots.

I have no data to back this up, but I think that 90% of guys that do this are either gay or are models. The rest are just vain straight men. Hehe. I can actually think of several gay friends on FB who have such photos. But off the top of my head, I cannot think of a straight guy friend who has such topless pictures on Facebook.

One reason I can think why this is so is simply because men, gay or not, are more into looks than women. So for straight men, there is less incentive to show off to the women. Whereas gays, for better or for worse, tend to flaunt their body, especially if they worked hard for it, in order to attract more attractive men.

What do you think? Do you think my assessment is spot on? :-)