Aug 3, 2008

It’s a good thing Hugot is a digital movie

Because it would've been a monumental waste of perfectly good film otherwise. Hugot, the film I mentioned before, has got to be the crappiest movie I've seen this year (and maybe even for the past three years). Just like McVie, I did not get it at all. I'd really like to know who got it; the Bakla Reviewer has seemingly figured it out, but he himself is not sure.

I've read of movie reviews from Americans saying that they walked out of the theater after seeing the first few scenes of some movie and I thought that such practice of walking out was a waste. Well, for the first time, I felt like walking out myself after being assaulted on the senses by the utterly weird initial "dream scenes" in Hugot involving two brief-clad guys probably thinking, "What the fuck am I doing in this film?" and the directors and editors behind the scenes saying, "I can haz Adobe Premiere [or Apple iMovie] effectz!"

If you missed the theatrical screening of Hugot in Robinsons, be thankful you missed it. That's 140 pesos saved. Then again, the only reason to watch this crap is as an example to film students on how not to make an indie movie. Of course, if you're a fan of crappy campy movies, then let this Hugot movie review be your viewing guide.


joaqui_miguel wrote on August 5, 2008 at 1:10 AM:

I have not seen this movie, and now I don't plan to. hehehe

The walking out part, I almsot did that to the recent "The Mummy" movie. However due to the 200 bucks I paid for it, I decided to stay and sleep. lol

lobster-tony wrote on August 6, 2008 at 7:32 PM:

Bakla Review and I were laughing our heads off while watching this movie. It is so bad that it is funny. Watching the trailer you knew it would be absurd and you can't assume otherwise. Kalakal had the same effect on us.

True, we probably looked crazy as we were the only two people laughing and clapping out loud at what was suppose to be the drama scenes, but it was just to absurd not to laugh at it.

It is so bad that we were entertained by the films absurdity. The secret? It is not suppose to make sense. Enjoy it for what it is. A movie that is so crappy that it was hilarious.

Vince wrote on August 8, 2008 at 12:45 AM:

Joaqui, yep don't watch it, not even on DVD. So The Mummy is not that good? I probably won't watch it then unless I'm really bored. :-)

Tony, at least you have a close friend to enjoy the movie with. If I had known that the movie was utter crap, I would've spent the 140 pesos instead and just waited for my gay friends to watch it together in a house for entertainment. Hehehe.