May 14, 2009

Short update on the 2009 MSM Sex Survey

I blogged about the 2009 MSM Sex Survey back in March and the survey period has finally closed last April 30. While the summary and analysis is still not out (they expect to release it within 60 days), I’m pretty damn impressed with the turnout. Check out the following message they posted:

This survey is now closed. Over 15 thousand of you have filled out the survey, making this one of the largest surveys of its kind on record.

We would sincerely like to thank all participants, community and media partners for making this research project such an enormous success.

15,000 respondents? Wow! Even discounting bogus entries, I think that’s quite a lot. Hopefully the survey results will greatly benefit safe sex practices and help curtail the rise of HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infections and diseases.

So, were you able to answer the survey? What did you think about it?