Jun 24, 2009

Two interesting stories from Inquirer.net

I generally enjoy browsing the newspaper whether on dead-tree versions or online. Well, here are a couple of recent articles I’ve read from Inquirer.net that you might find interesting. Of course they are related to our PLU world. One is a police report about a carnapping during an eyeball and the other is a lifestyle article of a daughter’s confession about her gay dad.

‘Text mate’ steals car during ‘eyeball’

A man lost a company-issued vehicle to his text mate after they agreed to meet for the first time in an apartelle in Quezon City earlier this month.

The car thief later abandoned the vehicle at the Teacher’s Camp in Baguio City where it was found by the police.

I like how this article treats as a non-issue the fact that two guys met via a TV chatroom and then checked in at an apartelle. Reading between the lines, it’s quite obvious that the man whose vehicle was stolen is PLU—there’s very little other likely explanation—and the the text mate/carnapper is a tripper of some sort.

One can hope that the complainant is out in the office or it’d be hard to explain to his company why the car got stolen. I guess the moral of the story is to always be careful whenever you are meeting with someone (yes, that tired old cliché). But more importantly, don’t use company-issued stuff on occasions not related to your work!

Outing My Father

My father and I were extremely close. Sometimes, even my high school classmates would express envy at our closeness. I would tell my dad everything, and I was more close to him than my mother.

No one would have guessed that he is gay. He works for an IT company as a consultant for foreign transactions and though it is not as macho as say, a position in the military or in an architectural or engineering firm, his work reflects himself—highly organized, quick to respond to changes and find solution to problems.

Stories like this should not be anymore surprising, but I still can’t help but be fascinated about married men leading double lives. What interesting in this case is that the wife knows that her husband is gay and that she consents to it, which I guess makes her a martyr of sorts. I find it heartening to see that the daughter has adjusted to her dad’s sexuality after the initial shock. Now what I’m left wondering is if the brother knows and also whether the dad knows that his daughter knows or not.

I personally can’t inflict such kind of emotional damage on a woman and so I will definitely not get married to the opposite sex. (Well, marriage is possible if the woman is aware of my sexuality and consents to see the marriage as an arrangement of some kind, but that kind of thinking leads to a whole lot of complications that I don’t want to think about.)

Anyway, I’m quite intrigued by the fact that the daughter had to mention that her dad is a gym buff who spends a couple of hours or so in the gym after work. I’m now fantasizing that the father falls under the DILF category. Hehehehe. :-)


Anonymous wrote on June 24, 2009 at 8:34 PM:

i saw the 1st story on the news. the 2nd, is worth the read.

belated happy father's to all PLU!

enJAYneer wrote on June 25, 2009 at 7:16 PM:

nakibasa lang.. :)

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