Sep 4, 2011

Two hot gay-themed music videos

It’s the start of another work week (at least for most of us) so I’d like to share a couple of gay-themed videos to help you get through the week. Enjoy! :-)

The first video is for the song “Can’t Sleep” by Adrian Lux. The first two-thirds of the video is pensive (and probably boring), but wait on to the latter part and be rewarded with one of the most passionate gay kisses ever to be committed to a music video. (Thanks to an anonymous commenter for pointing this video out to me.)

The second video is Yehonathan’s “Remember When” and it is quite hot. Yehonathan is a gay singer from Israel, just like Ivri Lider. I’m actually quite surprised by the number of out gay musicians in Israel.

Still had not enough? Well, you should go check out “No Quiero Enamorarme,” which I had featured last year. And browse through the music videos of Yehonathan, many of which are gay-themed as well, like his video for “On a Hot Summer Night” which features sexy men playing on the beach and a sizzling shower scene.


dejay wrote on September 6, 2011 at 1:28 PM:

I love this video!