Jul 28, 2013

Discreetionary: Field report

field report [FEELD re·PORT] noun 1. A testimony of a client regarding the services provided by a male-for-hire or a masseur. abbreviation: FR. example: “Ano FR mo kay Paolo?” etymology: from the English phrase field report, which means a report of an experienced event or of a completed task.

If you are one who frequents massage parlors or gay bars, or someone who procures the services of guys featured on websites like Lalaking Palaban, I guess you already know about this term, “field report,” or “FR.” FRs are vital if you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. But FRs are also not fully reliable as they are subjective based on the reporter’s personal tastes, which may not match your own, and there may also be false or misleading reports because of competition and paninira.

I think currently the best site to read FRs is FRCentral, an online forum focused on field reports (as if that’s not obvious from the site’s name). There are dedicated threads for each “model” of various male-for-hire websites as well for each masseur of every massage parlor in Metro Manila. Aside from that, there are threads also for other places catering to the PLU sector. But the forum’s main and most active threads are those for FRs with more than 2,700 posts already submitted.

There are also blogs that feature FRs. I guess the most entertaining is Manila Spanatic. I’ve also featured a couple of other blogs such as (DM post) and Manila Gay Guide (DM post) that sometimes post FRs but they focus more on the establishment themselves rather than on particular boys.


Anonymous wrote on February 16, 2016 at 11:44 AM:

maarte ang frcentral power tripping mga administrator doon at hindi ka rin makaaccess ng private forums nila.