Feb 17, 2014

The Onion’s Olympic Village Tour

During the London Summer Olympics (the XXXth :-)), I blogged about an ESPN article that talked about how much sex is going on among athletes at the Olympics.

For this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics, leave it to satirical The Onion to take this tale of Olympic orgy to a whole new level with the following (definitely NSFW) “news clip” (delivered straight-faced) about the sex-friendly facilities of the Olympic Village in Sochi.

I have to give them bonus points for “interviewing” a “Canadian” biathlon while he was taking it from behind from another male “athlete,” in defiance of the homophobic Russian government ban on gay propaganda. Hehehe.

For some bit of real news, the condom count for this year’s athletic event is 100,000, which is understandably less than the 150,000 condoms procured for the London Olympics since there are fewer athletes. But at around 2,800 athletes converging on Sochi, that comes to around 35 condoms per person. You think that’s too much? :-)


Bunag Rj wrote on May 3, 2015 at 1:23 AM:

Sa pagkakatanda ko, mismong government na ng bawat bansa ung nagbibigay ng pabaong condom or vice versa, sa mga atleta. Lol