Feb 16, 2010

Parisukat: a new film by Jonison Fontanos

I’ve been receiving these PR emails from the marketing operations of Parisukat, a new film by Jonison Fontanos. Since the screening supposedly will start today, February 17, at the usual gay indie cinemas, I thought I’d give my book-cover impression of the film.

But first, here’s the PR synopsis...

A “whodunnit” crime of passion involving 6 male characters: a young man, a gay lover, a hustler, a discreet bisexual, a houseboy, and a transvestite. No one knows that their lives are interconnected by a past murder case until fate brought them together in an old Spanish boarding house to unfold the mysterious crime in full circle.

...the characters...

  • Marcus: 18 y.o., the runaway young man who got himself enmeshed in an unresolved murder case.
  • Xander: 25-30 y.o., the transvestite boarder whose ex-lover turns out to be Marcus friend.
  • Jaime: 30 y.o., the lonely bisexual landlord of an old Spanish boarding house.
  • Hubert: 20 y.o., Xander’s ex-lover and Marcus’ friend who hustles for gay sex to earn his keep.
  • German: 25-30 y.o., the victim whose mysterious death will keep us guessing as to who is the real perpetrator of the crime.
  • Toto: 18-25 y.o., the houseboy who seems blind to the events that unfold inside the boarding house

...and trailer.

Although Parisukat is supposed to be showing today as a gay Valentine’s offering by Ignatius Films, I don’t see any movie schedules online mentioning this film. Anyway, the film stars Toffee Calma and Chris Cañizares among other bit players and you can check out the Facebook page or the actual PR pieces (including a sensational piece about how Toffee Calma was supposedly almost killed while shooting a violent scene).

I’m actually hesitant to see this movie. I absolutely hated Jonison Fontanos’ first film Hugot so you can see why I’m not excited by this film. On the other hand, this film seems to have a better story and likely much, much more coherent than the train wreck that Hugot was. So maybe, I just might go and see this film but only if there were few other good movies screening (like Invictus).

Update: The screening today was cancelled at all cinemas due to “unavoidable circumstances.” I wonder if the MTRCB was the cause.


Anonymous wrote on March 6, 2010 at 4:15 AM:

Murder-Mystery Gay Indie Film

Starring TOFFEE CALMA with Jeff Tatsuro, Darwin Taylo, Christopher Canizares, Jobben Bello, John Espinosa and more!

Written and Directed by Jonison Fontanos

Opens MARCH 10 to 16

EXCLUSIVELY @ Robinsons Galleria Indie Sine.


"Meet-And-Greet The Cast" on its first night (...March 10 – Wednesday) @ 9:00 pm